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vvvv allows you to code in a visual user interface - no text, all human-friendly UI.


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vvvv Europe Tour 2018

The vvvv Academy's mission is to provide access to the worlds of projection mapping, physical computing, computer vision and more. And this summer, we're taking our beginners course on a tour all over Europe:


In six full days, this course provided our students with a strong foundation for using creative technology and building interactive interfaces.


The course is coming to Berlin, London, Athens, Saint Petersburg and Linz!


100+ Selected vvvv Projects

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What our Students Think

We asked students for their opinions of our two beginner's courses last year:

"vvvv Academy gave me all it takes to master the basics of vvvv. I especially liked the community and how vvvv is straightforward and easy to start working with from day one. As a media artist, this course helped me to do my own hybrid media projects with different scales and I was able to run vvvv course back in Cairo to share with my local community"

   - Mohamed Hossam, Founder of Creative Code Cairo



"The academy was a very solid vvvv crash course. In 8 sessions, all the main topics were covered, with a base strong enough to wander on your own. Shortly after taking the course, I was able to apply what I learned and use vvvv for two live performances and am currently developing an interactive visual show solely on vvvv."

    - Cynthia-ël Hasbani, student at BTK Berlin



"Very insightful class content. Friendly and helpful teacher(s). Overall: Worth it!"

    - Tiana Sperber, Graphic Designer



"The course was incredibly useful for an upcoming project that I'd realized with vvvv. Doing the project in vvvv (instead of muddling my way through C++) saved me a lot of programming time. The examples were fun and the "patching" challenges were a good way to test our knowledge. I think you get the most of this course when you have a specific project in mind. The opportunity to consult with an expert is invaluable."

    - Merlin Carter, Visual Artist

vvvv Academy is an independent initiative by Dominik Koller supported by the vvvv Group


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