vvvv Academy is going on Tour!

In summer 2018, our Beginner's course will happen all over Europe:

The vvvv Academy's mission is to provide access to the worlds of projection mapping, physical computing, computer vision and more. And this summer, we're taking our beginners course on a tour all over Europe:


In six full days, this course provides you with a strong foundation for using creative technology and building interactive interfaces.


No previous vvvv knowledge needed!

Hearing about vvvv for the first time? Go check vvvv.org!


We'll cover the following topics:


  •   vvvv fundamentals
  •   Sound reactive visuals
  •   Projection Mapping
  •   Motion Tracking
  •   Arduino and Electronics


At the end of the course, you will be able to build all the examples shown in the video (and much more!)


We will build examples for each topic, and you will have challenges to work on in tutored sessions.

When and Where

Sessions will be every morning from 10am to 1pm. In the afternoons until 6pm every day you'll be working on your own ideas or on challenges we've put together. Either way, you'll be able to discuss with the group and get personal feedback and help as needed.


To guarantee a productive learning environment we are limiting the number of participants to 6 - 10 people - depending on the size of the room in each city.


The course will last six full days, and we will take a break on Saturday and Sunday.


Participants will need to bring a laptop (Windows). We provide all other hardware needed. If you don't have a laptop, don't worry and get in touch, we have some spare ones you can use.



Location TBA


Jul 25 - Aug 1




vvvv Developer



Jul 11 - Jul 18


Saint Petersburg


Ivan Rastr

Software Lab


Aug 15 - Aug 22



Discount for locals:







Aug 29 - Sep 5



Discount for locals:




Responsive Spaces



Sep 11 - Sep 18


Berlin is the best place to learn vvvv. We will be in the vvvv Developer's office, called The Praxis, right where vvvv is made.





You'll learn vvvv right next to its creators!

The differences in price are due different costs that we have in the cities. Discounts of -300,- € apply to people living in Greece (Athens Course) or Russia (Saint Petersburg Course). We want to make sure that we don't put up unfair financial hurdles by introducing price levels from London / Berlin.


Applications are first come - first serve. The Apply button below will take you to a form where you can tell us some basic information about you, your place will be guaranteed upon payment of the course fee.


Applications for all courses are now closed.


For question say hello@vvvv.academy, or find us on Twitter and Facebook.


About the Host

vvvv Academy is led by Dominik Koller. This course is organized jointly by vvvv Academy and the host studios and will be taught by Dominik (and a teaching assistant to make things even easier for you).

After working with the vvvv Developers for two years, Dominik started teaching creative technology, first at the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett, UCL, then at Goldsmiths University (teaching assistance) and the RCA (introduction to vvvv). For a more central point to learn vvvv, Dominik created vvvv Academy and taught the Summer Course 2017.


For his work in media arts, Dominik has been awarded the Ars Electronica Golden Nica in 2013. He was involved in founding the innovation studio NEEEU, and is currently studying Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Oxford.


vvvv Academy is an independent initiative by Dominik Koller supported by the vvvv Group


Impressum: Dominik Koller,  Oranienstraße 10, 10997 Berlin
VAT-ID ATU72148678