Learn VVVV!


vvvv allows you to code in a visual user interface - no text, all human-friendly UI.


Watch the videos to know what it’s all about!

We are launching our first ever full vvvv course in August 2017.

In eight weekly sessions, this course provides you with a strong foundation for using creative technology and building interactive interfaces.


No previous knowledge needed.


Each week, we will focus on a topic:


  •   2x vvvv basics
  •   Sound reactive visuals
  •   2x Projection Mapping
  •   Motion Tracking: Kinect
  •   Arduino and Electronics
  •   3D and Virtual Reality


Image: https://vvvv.org/contribution/superphysical

100+ Selected vvvv Projects

Check out what other users of vvvv have made.


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With your contribution, we want to make our courses more affordable for students and provide free online learning material.


Your support will help our aim to provide at least two sponsored student places per course!


vvvv Academy is an independent initiative by Dominik Koller supported by the vvvv Group


Impressum: Dominik Koller,  Oranienstraße 10, 10997 Berlin
VAT-ID ATU72148678