Join our first ever full vvvv course.

In eight weekly sessions, this course provides you with a strong foundation for using creative technology and building interactive interfaces.


No previous knowledge needed.


Each week, we will focus on a topic:


  •   2x vvvv basics
  •   Sound reactive visuals
  •   2x Projection Mapping
  •   Motion Tracking: Kinect
  •   Arduino and Electronics
  •   3D and Virtual Reality


We will build examples for each topic, and you will have challenges you can get feedback on during the week.

When and Where

Sessions will be Tuesdays from 7 to 9pm, August 1 - September 19, with open end for discussion and questions.


Sessions will be at the best possible place to learn vvvv - the vvvv Developer's office.


The cost for the full course is 800€.


Participants will need to bring a laptop (Windows). We provide all other hardware needed. If you don't have a laptop, don't worry and get in touch, we have some spare ones you can use.


Applications are closed now since Friday, July 28, at 23:59.


For question say, or find us on Twitter and Facebook.

The m-box Scholarship

Are you a student, motivated to work with interactive technologies in novel ways? Here's the Student Scholarship to our Summer Course, brought to you by m-box.

We select one applicant to receive a Scholarship over the full course fees. We will not ask for your grades, recommendation letters or certificates. Instead, we value your work, your motivation and the perspective you can bring into the course and possibly m-box.


Applications are closed now since Friday, July 28, at 23:59.


Any questions? We're happy to help at

vvvv Academy is an independent initiative by Dominik Koller supported by the vvvv Group


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